"Ready to take the leap and build your own coaching business?"

"Let me be your trusty guide and show you the ropes

in just 5 days!"

Dear aspiring or struggling coach,

You know deep down that you have the skills and passion to help people, but somehow finding clients online has been a struggle.

Maybe you've already got an offline coaching business, but the online world is a different ballgame altogether.

You see, there's a secret recipe to convert a mere visitor into a paying client, and if you don't get it right, all your efforts to build a website and drive traffic can go down the drain.

It's time to ask yourself the hard question: have you been doing it wrong all this time?"

The good news is, if you do it right, predicting your monthly coaching clients is like counting on your fingers.

It's all about building a bond with your prospects and then presenting your coaching offer in such a way that they'd be crazy not to say yes.

And once they're in, they'll keep paying you month after month.

But if you've been trying to start a coaching program for months or even years, and still can't get your act together, it's time to face the music.

Maybe you're stuck on pricing or finding the right curriculum.

Or maybe you've got everything figured out, but can't get people to sign up.

Don't worry, I've been there too.

That's why I invested over $60k in coaching and went through two years of trial and error to finally get it right myself. And in so doing, I've learned that the gurus out there really don't want to help you as much as they want you to help themselves.

That's why I've created a FREE 5-Day Coaching Biz in a Box Challenge.

"My Why?"

In spending that $60K I came away with an immense amount of knowledge. One of the most important points was that the gurus overcomplicate the process of starting an online business.

Complication just means you end up struggling and feeling overwhelmed and in order to get out of that feeling, the guru has an upsell to help you....

And then another, and another...you see where I'm going with this?

In fact, the guru's mantra is that when you solve a problem for your prospect, do so in a way that creates a new problem for them, which you just happen to have the solution for.

You don't need a logo. You don't need a website. You don't need to spend $100's, $1,000's or even $10's of thousands of dollars to start or grow a thriving coaching practice.

I've already gone down a number of rather expensive rabbit holes that I'd like to think my challenge will keep you from throwing money away. You really don't need the gurus...

All you really need are the following five things...

1. Mindset

If you are already a coach or are completing the certificiation program, you already know the importance of mindset.

"Stinking Thinking" is not what you want or need. Given all of the conditioning that we've undergone for most of our lives, for many of us maintaing the 'success' mindset is a constant struggle.

2. Capture Page That Converts

For many this will be Greek to them!

What's a capture page and what does it mean to convert?

Both great questions.

And you are going to be shocked to learn that you don't need any expensive software to produce your "front door" to the world.

3. Your Coaching Offer

For most newly minted coaches they may have some type of coaching offer already in place.

Hopefully if you do you have defined your niche.

Know your ideal client and buyer persona.

Know their pain points.

And can talk to them in the language that they understand. And I'm not talking English, Spanish or some other language but the language that they speak.

Without the above, you are going to struggle with connecting with your ideal clients.


This is all about the importance of building Know, Like, and Trust with your prospects!

This doesn't happen overnight.

The way this works - you send traffic (that's the next topic) to your capture page. When someone clicks through and joins your list this process starts in earnest. They have raised thier hand and it's up to you to notice and to start talking to them.

This is where the majority of coaches, trainers, small business owners fall flat. Remember the first topic - mind set? For some reason this seems to take a hit when it comes time to reach out and continue to touch your prospects.

Few people do this well.


This boils down to a simple equation - Free vs Paid.

Free traffic requires time - so you trade time for money.

Paid traffic requires money...

But you will be amazed at how little time you need or how little money you need to get started.


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