5 Ways To Boost Lead Sales Conversions With Affiliate Marketing…


In today’s Internet Marketing world, many affiliates become have become both knowledgeable and comfortable with how to generate leads for their various offers for their opportunity. However, when it comes to converting those leads into sales….many affiliates have a hard time.

So how about we just dive right into today’s content where we’ll look at 5 ways to boost your lead to sales conversion rate.

1. Create A Bonus That You Offer On Top Of What The System/Core Offer Provides… Fill The Value Gap.

“Sell Them What They Want, Give Them What They Need” – Dan Kennedy

When you first create an offer, opportunity, or system that you are selling, analyze it, and figure out what it is missing, then fill that gap with your bonus offer.  When creating your bonus offer, develop it around the idea of selling your prospects what they want, then giving them what they need. (Comes from Dan Kennedy). When you do this, your bonus offer will convert much better.

So, say for example you have an offer that members just have to send traffic to, and then the system picks up from there and takes those leads and converts them into sales, and ultimately into repeat buyers. When creating your bonus offer, provide a push-button solution to your members, and instead of providing additional training on how to get traffic, actually give them some free traffic. Instead of giving them training on generating leads, go ahead and give them some free leads. With this process of selling them what they want, but giving them what they need, your sale coversions will be much higher.

2. Create Scarcity Around Those Bonus’s By Using A Countdown Timer On Your Page

Next you will want to create scarcity around your bonus’s. For example you may say, “in order to get to get XYZ bonus’s, sign up within the next 72 hours, before the countdown timer on this page expires. Once the coutdown timer reaches zero, these bonus’s will be going for good”. Just one of the many tools available on the market that will add countdown timers to any page, is a plugin called Scarcity Builder.

3. Create A Bridge Page And Ask People To Call You In Your Bridge Page Video. Include Your Phone Number In Your First E-mail Follow-up

A Bridge Page is a simply page that simply has a video on it, introducing your and letting people know who you are. The Bridge Page, when setup and used correctly, is an excellent way to position your between the Capture page and Sales page of your offer. Just one of its many values is that it lets people know that there is a real person behind your offer. Letting people see you and / or just hearing you briefly speak and introduce yourself, increases the likelihood that they will continue on to your Sales page and purchase your product or opportunity.

An even better way to increase lead conversions into sales is to tell people to call you, and then including your phone number in your first e-mail follow-up. This is beneficial due to the simple fact that some people will need that level of one-to-one communication, and want to speak to a real person, before going ahead and making a buying decision. Allowing this type of one-on-one connection with potential buyers, answering any questions they may have, positions yourself to make sales as fast as humanly possible.

4. Leverage Social Proof – It Doesn’t Have To Be Yours… Just Find Someone Who’s Getting Results In Your Opportunity And Use Theirs… Or Better Yet, Interview Them And Focus On The Benefits

This is a huge one. The truth is that if you implemented this one strategy alone within your sales process, your conversion rates will be bumped up significantly… almost immediately.

Social proof is simply some level of results that you have generated. If you are just getting started and haven’t yet generated any significant results on your own yet, it is ok to find someone else who has generated results for the opportunity you are promoting, and go ahead and use theirs. You can simply piggy-back off of their social proof. Another option is to get an interview with someone who is crushing in your offer or opportunity. You can get a short 15-minute interview with them, that outlines all of the various benefits of your opportunity. And instead of framing the interview as a type of training, focus on why the prospect should take action, and join the opportunity, the offer, or the system that you are promoting. Conducting an interview with someone who is already achieved a level of success is a great way for you to provide immediate value to prospects, while you are working to achieve your own success.

5. Focus On Long-Term Follow-up; Create Content For Your Audience And List Subscriber Daily – Connect With Your Prospects Using Multiple Social Mediums (Facebook, Google+, Youtube, Etc.)… Focus On Building A Relationship With Them

Finally, it is critical to realize the value of long-term, consistent follow-up with your audience. This is done by creating a variety of pieces of content (like this blog post), and then e-mailing that content out to your list on a daily basis. Also connect with your prospects on multiple mediums. So if you find that you have prospects on Facebook, then reach out and connect with them on Facebook. The same goes for Twitter, Youtube, and Google+, etc. You want to be seen in as many places as possible by your audience.

The more places you are seen by your customers in the marketplace, the more ways you find to creatively engage with your audience in the marketplace through social media outlets, blog posts, podcasts, and your list’s inbox, this clearly demonstrates that you are the leader and the authority within your opportunity. That you should be looked up to as the expert, and this both instills and reinforces the positive message that you are the person to purchase from, and to continue following and buying from on a long-term basis.

In conclusion, always important to remember that in the long-term, people want to buy from people they Know, Like and Trust. so regardless of what is happening right now in your Internet Marketing business, always be working to create and build relationships for increased conversion down the road. This can be particularly beneficial when you either have another affiliate offer to promote, or if you create your own offer in the future. If aren’t already using these 5 Ways To Boost Lead Sales Conversions yet in your current opportunity, begin implementing them as soon as humanly possible in order to maximize your lead to sales conversions and the building of life-long relations with your customers.

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