Email Marketing Secrets

Email marketing is an effective form of online marketing, some say it’s the best form, but there are secrets to doing it right. Creating an email message to use in an email marketing campaign is not very hard, but convincing people to open email marketing messages is, because online scammers also use email to spread their junk mail around the internet. By using the secrets to email marketing, you can let people know that you are a legitimate company at just a glance, and they will therefore feel safer about opening your messages.

If you are using an autoresponder to manage both your list and your email campaigns than this paragraph won’t pertain to you.  But some people try to use their web-host account when they are starting out.  So if this is you, be sure to give your internet service provider a heads up on your intention to begin an email marketing campaign.  Your ISP places strict controls on the number of emails that can be sent out as bulk email. This is because online scammers, who are also known as email spammers, use bulk emails to conduct their lowly activities. By notifying your internet service provider of your intent to begin a bulk email marketing campaign, these controls should be lifted from your email account, instead of being blocked by the ISP as SPAM.

Don’t use your gmail account to market with.  It looks tacky to see a @gmail.com at the end of an email.  Very unprofessional.

Be respectful enough of those who will be receiving your email messages to use their names to greet them in your message.  This assumes of course that First Name is requested when you ask someone to join your list.  This secret to email marketing does add some work to creating a marketing campaign, but it will get you further than an impersonal and unprofessional, “hey you.” Send your email messages in HTML and PLAIN formats so that those receiving them can choose to view your marketing message in the format they prefer. Yet another of the secrets to email marketing that is very effective in getting more people to at least open and look at your message.

Never use dollar signs anywhere in your messages. Not the subject line, and not in the message body. SPAM filters look for this, and many other words to determine the possibility of the email being SPAM.

As another strategy, it is best to avoid sending your marketing messages during the holidays. This secret is in sharp contrast to the suggested techniques of other styles of internet marketing, but during the holidays people are more apt to be online for shorter amounts of time and many stay away from their inboxes because they feel an obligation towards messages from family and friends, and we all know that at this time of year people just don’t have the extra time to invest financially or even just investing their time, in other people’s ventures.  But instead of sending out an email where you are presenting an offer, send out an email wishing your list a happy holiday instead.  Personalization never hurts!

Another secret to is to provide a concise description that you want your prospect to take in order to complete the action you desire them to take.  If you want them to click on a button – tell them to “Click The Button Below…”.  If you want them to input their email – tell them to “Enter Your Best Email Below…”.   Your email marketing message should have a link to where these purchases, downloads, subscriptions, or whatever it is that you are offering can be completed and along with the link, provide instructions that you want the prospect to “Click On This Link To…”.

Most of these secrets to email marketing are simple yes, but they are very effective when used.

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